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B&T Design

B&T Design is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Turkey. With its masterful tailoring skills in upholstered products and precise attention to details in wood and metal manufacturing, B&T Design provides world-class products and services. When designing and manufacturing; B&T Design keep users in mind to be as functional and useful as possible.

B&T Design, founded in 1985 by the entrepreneur Talip Aysan, combining his expertise in metalwork with designers who offer fresh design ideas, started manufacturing design-oriented collections as per European quality standards. Today, B&T Design exports its products and services to more than 45 countries from Australia to Belgium and the United Arab Emirates to the United States.

Click here to download B&T Design’s product brochure (PDF).

NARBUTAS is a Lithuanian-based company with a global outlook. NARBUTAS designs and creates furniture for the modern workspace, with the needs of the 21st-century employee in mind. They offer a variety of solutions and a dynamic approach to each individual customer. They are proud to call themselves a company manufacturing modern, durable and functional furniture.

The continuous modernization and automation of NARBUTAS’ furniture factory in Lithuania ensure a reliable production process and the highest quality of furniture produced. In 2018, NARBUTAS invested over 7M Euros into development, increasing the factory area to 36,600 m². The factory currently employs over 700 people.

NARBUTAS’ professional and experienced product development team and innovation group work closely together to find optimal, high-quality solutions which are functional and easily adapted to various spaces.

Click here to download Narbutas’ product brochure (PDF). 


The story of Sitland is that of the success of Italian industry, which managed to combine profound know-how, typical of made in Italy with more innovative industrial and technological processes. A story that originated and developed in Vicenza, the city of Palladio in the heart of Veneto, where the territory is the breeding ground of successful enterprises and has created works and products known all over the world.

The story of Sitland is characterized by passion and commitment, creativity, research, design and technology. A constant balance between individual needs and technologies, where the individual is the origin and goal of every creation.

Sitland was founded in 1977 when it began manufacturing the upholstery for seats and sleeping cabins of trains in Italy.

In 1982, Sitland added chairs for hairdressing salons to its production, which are exported to many European countries.

Click here to download Sitland’s product brochure (PDF).